Born in 1993, Thomas grew up in the suburbs of Ohio; just a stones throw from Cleveland. He found his love of photographing people in 2008 while on a trip to El Salvador. Upon returning to the states, he continued to experiment with photo as well as video. In 2011, he earned his certification in Media Technology.

He spent four years cultivating his style before stepping out to pursue a career as a full time freelance photographer in 2015. He spent the first 18 months pursuing editorial photography before turning his attention towards photojournalism. Capturing the true nature of people's character has always been the core of Thomas's work so it was only a matter of time before his work took this turn. 

During this time of transition, Thomas rekindled his passion for video. Among smaller projects, his main focus has been "Artisans" – a fast paced, music driven video series documenting artists, craftsmen, and creators at work.

HE's Worked with...

Cleveland International Film Festival, ILTHY, T-Mobile, Cleveland Plain Dealer, FOX8, Yellowcake Fashion, Ape Made, Rogue Eyewear, Small Organization Solutions, Night Market Cleveland, Gather In Glenville, Ingenuity Festival, Elite Daily, and more.

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